So Lucky to be Loved by You by Marky Quayle © Copyright - Marky Quayle / Triple M Productions (884502432350) Download $10.00CD $15.00 JAZZ STANDARDS“. . . she has that rare quality of being able to sing to, as opposed to sing at, you. Quayle's warm, husky voice, reminiscent of Rosemary Clooney, holds notes and phrases to exquisite effect..." from George Harris review of Marky Quayle Genre: Jazz: Jazz Vocals Release Date: 2011 ABOUT THIS ALBUM Album Notes Marky Quayle's 2011 release, "So Lucky...To Be Loved By You", features Jazz the way it should be delivered: pure, direct, and no-nonsense. This San Franciscan songstress personalizes each classic Jazz tune with her sophisticated, deep, plush-toned sound. With romance abounding, Quayle is able to glide between upbeat songs such as "How About You?" and the bubbly, buoyant, and light "Time After Time", to melodic treasures like "I'm Glad There Is You", and the magnetic "You Go To My Head". The piano and clarinet solos are outstanding throughout, and the bass is as gentle as Quayle's signature soothing low notes. Other standouts on the CD are "Just In Time", where Quayle shows great control of her vocal instrument, and "Estate", where crystalline highs are intertwined with deep, velvety notes. A definite Jazz lover's delight!~ Lily Emeralde and Emma DyllanPhosphorescence MagazineSo Lucky…to be Loved by You: She kicks this set off with “Cry Me a River” and you don’t groan. Sound promising already? A veteran jazz singer that knows how to deliver the goods old school without living in the past, Quayle would knock the judges on their collective asses if they made an “American Idol” for adults. Somebody please tell those tv kids that screaming lyrics doesn’t convey emotion or sex appeal. The sultry stuff here does. Simply a killer jazz vocal date that makes oldies new and really opens your ears like they should be. Well done.-- MIDWEST RECORD Chris Spector, Editor and Publisher“ . . . she has that rare quality of being able to sing to, as opposed to sing at, you. Quayle's warm, husky voice . . . holds notes and phrases . . . to exquisite effect. Quayle is obviously comfortable in her own skin and her ease is palpable. You feel relaxed listening to her, as if she were an old friend.”—George Harris, of Jazz Weekly, 93.5 FM KFOX, for All About Jazz“[Quayle] lets the lyrics of each song speak for itself . . . and she is particularly skilled on ballads, so one enjoys hearing her bring out the warmth and timelessness of each song.”—Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene, Jazz Historian and Journalist“Her good taste in picking out superb songs matches her sensitivity in interpreting the timeless lyrics.”—Scott Yanow ” - Chris Spector, George Harris, Lily Emeralde, Emma Dylan, Scott Yanow

— Phosphorescence Magazine, Jazz Weekly, Midwest Record, Jazz Weekly, LA Jazz Scene,